National Awards

Active 20-30 Club of Greater Sacramento #1032 was honored with
these National Awards for the 2014-2015 term:


“Arnie Krogh” President of the Year (Gina Loza)

Outstanding Treasurer (Shannon Blasingame)

Outstanding Scrapbook (Catherine Hall)

Outstanding Pin Design (Summer Lemmon & Brenda Lusk)

Runner-Up Club of the Year

Runner-Up Secretary (Brenda Lusk)

Runner-Up Webpage (Lauren Richardson)

Runner-Up Publication (Missy Sparks & Michele Spilman)

Runner Up Public Speaking (Brooke Droege)


Past National Awards: 


2014 Awards:

Club of the Year

“Arnie Krogh” President of the Year (Catherine Hall)

Member of the Year (Michele Spilman)

Secretary of the Year (Ali Brown)

National Liason of the Year (Amber Jewison)


2013 Awards:

Treasurer of the Year (Amber Jewison)

National Liason of the Year (Brenda Lusk)

Publication of the Year

Visitation of the Year


2012 Awards:

Charity Project of the Year

Publication of the Year

Mission Statement Representative (Michele Spilman)