Flamingo Flocking Fundraiser (year round)

Event Date: 
12/30/18 12:35pm - 12/31/18 12:35pm

A flock of pink flamingos are migrating around the Sacramento area as part of a fundraiser for our club.  Donations will go toward our Annual Children’s Shopping Spree and High School Scholarships. A flock will be happy to visit a friend or family member’s yard and roost there for 48 hours before migrating to their next temporary home. 

 Why lawn flamingos?  They brighten up people’s lawns!  This particular flock also enjoys bringing their own personalities to make sure people have a good laugh and smile.  They might show up because of a birthday, anniversary, job promotion, a get well greeting, or simply to bring a little cheer.   

 The #1032flamingos only likes to be out on good weather days.  

Please fill out the Flock-a-Friend Order Form. Choose how many flamingos you would like by making a donation (12 for $15) or (24 for $30).  We will work with you on setting up a date for the flock to land in.

If you are flocking or have been flocked, please post your pictures to social media using the hashtag #1032flamingos.

 Thanks for your support!